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Beat the Heat: South Metro's Guide to Summer Energy Savings

Todd Priebe
Jun 10 1 minutes read

As residents of the South Metro area brace themselves for another sizzling summer in Minnesota, the dual challenges of maintaining a cool home and managing energy bills loom large. Yet, achieving a comfortable living space during our often humid and hot summers doesn't have to mean skyrocketing utility bills. Here are strategic ways to keep your home in the South Metro area cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient during the warmest months, without draining your wallet.

1. Seal the Deal

Start with a pre-summer home checkup. Hunt down pesky air leaks around windows, doors, and vents across your abode. In our climate, where summer breezes are as prized as a perfect Juicy Lucy, sealing gaps with weather-stripping or caulking is a low-cost step that pays off by keeping your conditioned air indoors, where it belongs.

2. Insulate and Elevate

Our mixed climate in the South Metro area demands that homes are prepared for anything—from polar vortex winters to steamy summers. Check your attic, walls, and floor insulation, and upgrade if necessary. Proper insulation acts like a thermos for your house, keeping cool in when it's hot out, and visa-versa.

3. Eco-Friendly Appliance Choices

When it's time to replace old appliances, choosing models with the ENERGY STAR label ensures they sip rather than gulp electricity. This is crucial during our Minnesota summers when the air conditioner is running frequently. Energy-efficient appliances also align with our community's values of sustainability and respect for the lush environment that makes the South Metro area so special.

4. Embrace the Breeze

In the early mornings and late evenings, our area enjoys cooler temperatures. Take advantage by opening windows to create cross-ventilation and allow your house to breathe. Window fans or attic vents can also enhance this natural cooling effect, keeping your living space pleasant without over-relying on air conditioning.

5. Smart Window Treatments

Light-colored curtains, blinds, or shades can dramatically reduce heat gain in your home during those long, sunny days. The right window treatments reflect solar radiation rather than absorbing it, a simple yet effective hack to maintain a cooler home environment in our sunny region.

6. Cool and Calculated Thermostat Management

With programmable thermostats, create a schedule that reflects your lifestyle. By setting your home’s temperature to around 76-80°F during peak hours, you can achieve balance between comfort and efficiency. Remember, for every degree you set above 72°F, you save on energy costs—a boon for your wallet and our beautiful Minnesota environment.


Annual inspections and cleanings of your HVAC system are non-negotiable for maintaining efficiency, especially after a harsh South Metro winter. Regularly replacing air filters can also prevent your system from working overtime, ensuring you stay cool all summer without unexpected breakdowns.

8. Window Wisdom

Investing in energy-efficient windows with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings can make a significant difference in how your home handles the summer heat. These windows are particularly effective in climates like ours, where temperature swings can be extreme, by keeping your home comfortable year-round.

9. The Fan Plan

Installing ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 4 degrees cooler by creating a draft. In the South Metro area, this means you can set your thermostat higher without compromising on comfort. Plus, fans use considerably less energy than air conditioning units. Just be sure they're spinning counterclockwise during the summer months to push cool air down.

10. Green is Cool

Landscaping isn't just about curb appeal. Planting trees strategically around your home can shield it from the sun's intense rays, naturally cooling your space. Consider adding awnings or pergolas to further shade your home from the summer sun. Not only do these solutions make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable, but they also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your dwelling.

Implementing these energy-efficient tactics can make a significant impact on how comfortable your home feels during the summer, as well as how much you spend on energy bills. Armed with these strategies, residents of the South Metro area can enjoy a cool, pleasant home all summer long, without compromising on sustainability or emptying their pockets. So, let's welcome the warm season in Minnesota with open arms and smart, energy-saving measures.

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